New devices discovery

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New devices discovery

Post by hillsnetwireless » 19 Jan 2021, 18:33

Hi guys,
I noticed that if you want to discover a brand new (out of the box) Mikrotik device, MupsBox will NOT discover it as -by default- brand new Mikrotik don't have any password set.
As soon as I add a password, MupsBox discovers the device without problem.

Are you experiencing the same issue?

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Re: New devices discovery

Post by tolstii » 21 Jan 2021, 11:00

without a password, it is perfectly working by API - "add dev from net" - you can also add it manually without a password, but with ssh in MUPSBOX - without a password, you cannot interact with the router, you need to set a password on the router (for example, you go to take backup from the router via sftp - via ssh, it will not work without a password)

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